Experience Sharing
Experience sharing
Source: Date: 2011-12-14

Haohua regularly holds technical seminars to help it keep abreast of the latest in chemical industry developments and to learn about companies’ technological needs as well as to promote technological progress.

In 2011, Haohua organized a technical seminar on chlor-alkali at the Haohua Yuhang Chemical Co, bringing in 30 leaders and representatives of the group’s companies and three new technologies construction units. The organizers collected 26 articles from various company sources and published13 of them. Many of the articles pointed to the technological progress made by chlor-alkali enterprises.

In 2011, it held a fluorine chemical Industry seminar at the Chenguang Research Institute, where experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute exchanged ideas. Also, Chinese Academy of Sciences members gave a report on the “Development of fluoride-containing materials and fluorine-containing fine chemicals” and discussed the technical issues and, afterwards, expressed an interest in further cooperation.

Haohua also places importance on internal technical cooperation to promote industrial development.

In 2011, it held a meeting of its Hebei Hengyuan Chemical Co and Chenguang Research Institute affiliates to discuss hydrogen fluoride technology, as a result of which, the two companies reached an agreement on cooperation in developing hydrogen production.

Haohua Corp also keeps track of the major technical developmental needs of strategic emerging industries to promote technological innovation.

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