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Chenguang Institute Has a Harvest Year of Patent Work
Source: China Haohua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Date: 2016-12-22

(Correspondent: Guan Qi) Recently ChemChina has announced the appraisal results of its Patent Awards. The invention patent "the method of preparing PTFE resin dispersion" owned by Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (Chenguang Institute) won the award of outstanding patent. The Institute was also awarded honors of Model Enterprise in Patent Related Work and Model Enterprise in Overseas Patent Application.

As a traditional research institute turned enterprise, Chenguang Institute has always attached great importance to the development and protection of research results, and actively implemented the intellectual property strategy. Driven by innovation and relying on its strength in scientific and technological development, it has been implementing the differentiation strategy in the market-based way, and continued to roll out special products and high-end products to meet the demands of niche markets. It has filed international patent applications for core technologies under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in countries and regions where product markets are mature and effectively responded to international trade barriers. It has scored remarkable achievements in patent application, patent protection, patent application and market competition.

In 2015, Chenguang Institute vigorously advanced the construction of the intellectual property (IP) management system, successfully passed the IP management system certification, and became one of the first standard implementation companies under the IP management system in Sichuan. In January 2016, its IP management system passed the supervision and review of Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. and it received the notice of supervision and review approval for the IP management system. In May 2016, it participated in the review meeting for IP demonstration enterprises in Sichuan organized by the provincial IP bureau and passed the acceptance inspection; as a "national IP demonstration enterprise", it also joined the expert review organized by the State Intellectual Property Office and passed the once-in-every-three-years review check.

As of press time, Chenguang Institute has filed 45 patent applications this, with 41 of them granted, including six foreign patents.  

It’s learnt that ChemChina awarded three “model enterprises in overseas patent application”, 17 “model enterprises in patent related work” and 27 outstanding patents of the year of 2016 at the awarding ceremony.

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