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Liming Research Institute Approved to be National Laboratory
Source: China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation Date: 2016-12-28

 (Reported by Zhang Yunzhong) Days ago the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced the list of the fourth batch of national laboratories for quality control and technical evaluation of industrial products, with Liming Research Institute included in the list as an industrial (polyurethane) product quality control and technical evaluation laboratory.

The laboratory is based on the Liming Research Institute Analysis and Testing Center which is an industry-leading R&D platform boasting advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and experienced R&D professionals who provide promote and accurate reports. The center has long been engaged in the quality supervision & inspection, technical R&D and promotion of polyurethane products, and in the technical evaluation of polyurethane production processes, production safety and environmental performance. In the analysis and testing of polyurethane materials, the center has unparalleled professionalism and authoritativeness domestically. It also undertakes the work of quality supervision and inspection of military-purpose polyurethane materials, adhesives and special elastomers, and has made significant contributions to the improvement of military chemical materials.         

The Liming Research Institute Analysis and Testing Center has established a stringent quality control system in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. It obtained the CMA qualification in 1994, the CNAS qualification in 2003, and the CPCIA qualification in 2004. Scientific, accurate, impartial and valid, the center’s test data are highly authoritative in China and are recognized by 44 countries with which CNAS has signed mutual recognition agreements. Now, the center has established an international testing and certification service network covering the EU, the USA and other major economic circles.

Currently the center has 6 testing platforms: the National Laboratory for Quality Control and Technical Evaluation of Industrial Products; the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Military Chemical Materials; the Test Sub-center of Henan Funiu Mountain Engineering Technology Research Center for Basic Sources of Wild Medicinal Herbs; Luoyang Key Laboratory for Traditional Chinese Medicine; Luoyang Physiochemical and Biological Inspection Engineering Technology Research Center; and Luoyang Public Service Platform for TCM R&D and Inspection.  

Industrial product quality control and technical evaluation laboratories are MIIT-approved technical service agencies for quality inspection and evaluation of industrial products, which are at the national top level in terms of the ability of product quality control and technical evaluation and play an important role in promoting product R&D, enhancing product quality, creating brands and improving services. An accredited laboratory is qualified to assess the product quality in certain fields, participate in the research and development of quality plans, rules, regulations and standards of certain industries, undertake industry-specific technical testing, affirmation and evaluation; carry out quality-related training, promote advanced quality control methods, and provide enterprises with quality inspection, evaluation, analysis and verification throughout their products’ life cycle.      

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