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Liming Institute Honored with Yutong’s Technology Award
Source: China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation Date: 2017-03-07

(Correspondent: Zhang Yunzhong, Zhu Bo) Recently, Liming Institute stood out from 828 suppliers and was honored with the Annual Science and Technology Progress Award on Yutong Group’s Supplier Conference. This is the first time for Liming Institute to get an award on the conference for 19 years since it began to cooperate with Yutong Bus.

“In 2016, Liming Institute established a team dedicated to improve the standard of smell from foam materials. By optimizing technical resources, the smell meets the standard and maintains stability”. It is brief but not simple award words to Liming Institute.

Yutong traded in 70,988 buses in 2016, with a market share of 32.3%. As an exemplary company in China's bus industry, Yutong has given high priority to the quality of its products by ensuring the quality of raw materials is superior, and has worked to build up the first brand of China's buses and turn itself into a mainstream international bus supplier.

In 2016, Liming Institute had an outstanding performance in the quality and after-sales services of its products to meet Yutong's needs. It has made remarkable progress by vigorously conducting differentiation research on automotive polyurethane materials. In September 2016, Liming Chemical Research Institute became the exclusive supplier of polyurethane materials being used for interiors of Yutong T7 high-end business coaches such as seats and dashboards, with its high-performance polyurethane materials being excellent in environmental protection, flame retardant and physical properties. It helped Yutong serve G20 Hangzhou Summit and broke the market monopoly of JV’s brands. Its polyurethane products are sold to overseas markets with Yutong’s buses.

The award has demonstrated Liming Institute’s technical strength, performance and improvement in new polyurethane materials for a long time, and proved that Liming Institute’s products and technologies have reached the leading level in China, General Manager Yang Maoliang of Liming Institute said.

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