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Dimethyl Ether Catalyst of Southwest Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry Passes Evaluat
Source: China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation Date: 2017-02-23

 (Reported by Fan Xin) Days ago, the “Development and Application of Dimethyl Ether Catalyst Made from Methanol”, a major R&D project completed by the Southwest Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry, passed technology achievement evaluation organized by Sichuan Zhixinjiuding Science and Technology Evaluation Co., Ltd., and was registered by the Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province.

Through years of painstaking research and by adopting innovative catalyst formula design, tablet forming, stepwise heating and calcination, and other catalyst preparation technologies, the R&D team has significantly improved the strength, specific surface area, activity, selectivity and service life of the catalyst, and realized super large-scale production of dimethyl ether catalyst from methanol in a low-consumption, no-pollution and low-cost manner. The catalyst product has been satisfactorily used by Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group in its megaton-level MTP units, showing a better performance than imported catalysts.     

According to the Evaluation Report, the successful project has made possible large-scale production of a new-generation dimethyl ether catalyst and the project achievement has been applied in megaton-level super-large units for producing dimethyl ether from methanol. Capable of replacing imported catalysts, the product has reached internationally advanced technical level on the whole, the Report says.

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