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Liming Institute Wins Over a Huge EPC Project
Source: China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation Date: 2017-03-24

 (Correspondents: Zhang Yunzhong, Chen Ruosi) On March 23, a consortium formed by Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry and Hunan Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd signed a general contract with Nylon Chemical Corporation, China Pingmei Shenma Group (Pingmei Nylon) for an EPC project designed to annually produce 200, 000 tons of hydrogen peroxide (35%).

Costing a total investment of nearly RMB 300 million, this is a sub-project of Pingmei Nylon’s Phase-II renovation project for 200, 000t/a caprolactam. According to the contract, Liming Institute, as the leading party of the consortium, will be responsible for process technology, engineering design, catalysts, chemical raw materials, and packing, while Hunan Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd, as member of the consortium, will undertake engineering construction, engineering installation, and procurement of equipment and materials.  


At the contract signing ceremony, the three parties put forward requirements and expectations on the progress and quality of the project, saying they would work together to make the project an exemplary and benchmarking project in the industry and improve China’s design and construction of large hydrogen peroxide units to the internationally advanced level.   

The contract, as Liming Institute General Manager Yang Maoliang put it, represents a leap forward in the Institute’s adjustment of business philosophy and transformation from a traditional entity focusing on product sales and technical services into an engineering company and third-party service provider integrating technical development, analysis, testing, project management, professional design, technical consulting, and project general contracting. Through this project the Institute can accumulate EPC experience, train project management personnel, and lay a good foundation for its business development, transformation, and upgrading, he added. In the subsequent construction process Liming Institute, in concert with the other member of the consortium, will design and construct the project in strict accordance with the relevant standards, improve the quality and capability of project management, promote the standardization of construction, provide excellent services, complete the project as scheduled, and establish Liming Institute as a renowned EPC brand.     

Hydrogen peroxide technology is one of the most influential technologies of Liming Institute. After more than 50 years of development and hard work in the industry, the Institute has established itself as an outstanding enterprise that is down to earth, abides by its commitments, pursues efficiency and quality, and enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. In Pingmei Nylon’s Phase-I project for 100, 000t/a caprolactam, Liming Institute provided excellent design and all-round services, showing high integrity, extraordinary quality, and firm commitment, which is the main reason why the owner continued to rely on and trust the Institute this time.     

 (The three parties shaking hands after the contract is signed)

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