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Zhonghao Chenguang Receives May Day Commendation by Zigong Municipal Federation of Trade Unions
Source: China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation Date: 2017-04-26

(Correspondent: Yang Xuelian) On April 25, the Zigong Municipal commendation meeting for outstanding workers was held to celebrate the International Labor Day. In the event, “May Day” Labor Award, medals and the title of worker pioneer were conferred on outstanding employees. Zhang Tingjian, Senior Engineer of Fluororubber Lab of Zhonghao Chenguang’s R&D Center, was awarded 2017 Zigong May Day Labor Medal; Perfluoropropylene Team belonging to Propylene Workshop of No. 2 Fluorine Chemical Plant won the honorary title of Zigong Municipal Worker Pioneer.

In the meeting, the federation of trade unions granted 30 comrades Zigong Municipal May Day Labor Medals and 40 collectives the title of Zigong Municipal Worker Pioneer. It expected that these comrades and collectives would value their honors by making persistent efforts and continuing playing an exemplary role. It called upon the city's workers to further build up their sense of responsibility as masters of the country and vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers and the great character of the working class, making contributions in rejuvenating a new, prosperous and happy Zigong by building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects and promoting the urban-rural integration. It also called on trade unions at all levels to comprehensively deepen the reform with firm determination and confidence, take advanced collectives and individuals as an example, foster and practice core socialist values, establish lofty professional ideal and integrity and give full play to the leading role of model workers, in a bid to create a good social atmosphere of admiring, learning from, caring for, and striving to be model workers. Employees in Zigong are motivated by the spirit of model workers to serve as the vanguard of reform and innovation and the model of the economic development and to throw themselves into the great practice of “finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects through revitalization and development”.

Dispersion Polymerization Team belonging to Dispersion Workshop of No. 3 was granted the title of Sichuan Provincial Worker Pioneer by Sichuan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions.

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