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China National Tire & Rubber begins high-grade radial tire project
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2009-10-21

There was a launch ceremony for the China National Tire & Rubber Corp’s high-grade radial tire industrialization project, at the Suqiao Industrial Park, in Guilin, on Oct 18. Spending on the project is 3.1 billion yuan, making it the largest industrial investment ever made by Guilin.

Attending the event were Liang Shengli, vice-chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Fan Xiaosen, deputy GM of the China National Tire & Rubber Corp, Liu Jun, Party secretary of the city of Guilin, Li Zhigang, mayor of Guilin, Cao Chaoyang, GM of China National Tire & Rubber Corp, and Xu Weixin, secretary of the China National Tire & Rubber Corp, with leaders of the ChemChina Guilin Tire Co and staff members.

This was a joint project of the China National Chemical Corp, China National Tire & Rubber Corp, and ChemChina Guilin Tire, with a total cost of 3.1 billion yuan. It covers a 1,800-mu area. The project covers all-steel truck radials, and engineering and passenger car tires, and is expected to bring in 3.2 billion yuan and profits of 620 million yuan. Its initial annual output will be 1.2 million all-steel truck radials. It is expected to be finished in 18 months. The planned time was 24 months.

The Guilin city government chose rubber as one of its five pillar industries, in line with the regional government’s plan to build an auto industry cluster and speed up Guilin’s industrial development. And, because Guilin Tire is a large enterprise engaged in rubber design, R&D, production, processing, and testing, it was named one of Guilin’s Top 100 enterprises and one of the enterprises with sales of more than 10 billion yuan which can get financial support from the city.

The high-grade radial tire project was given to the Suqiao Industrial Park after a study by experts from China National Chemical Corp and China National Tire & Rubber Corp, who considered the region’s characteristics and advantages and the amount of local government’s support. The high-grade radial is part of a major project the autonomous region arranged in 2009, for products that will mainly go to automotive and engineering support services in the south. The goal is to build “one big center, two bases, and three systems with four goals” in Guangxi, and to build Guilin into an auto industry base for Guangxi and an auto industry with an output worth more than 100 billion yuan.

Evening show for Guilin Tire at the Lijiang Theater to celebrate the project opening.
By Li Meijun

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