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Aeolus Tire was Praised as One of the “National Top 100 Outstanding Automobile Spare Parts Supplies”
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation China National Tire & Rubber Co.,Ltd. Date: 2014-12-18

On December 19, the 11th Award Ceremony of National Top 100 Outstanding Automobile Spare Parts Supplies was held in Chongqing. In the Ceremony, Aeolus Tire was praised as one of the “National Top 100 Outstanding Automobile Spare Parts Supplies” by China Automotive News, China Auto Parts Enterprise Information Alliance and its independent Review Committee; it also gained the title of “The Outstanding Supplier of General Parts and Body Accessories”.

The selected top 100 outstanding suppliers were all the enterprises with the sales amount ranked top three in the branch industries of auto parts, and they were selected according to the comprehensive sales amount, R&D investment, quality control, management level, quality of service, and social influence, etc. The top 100 outstanding suppliers of each ceremony in the past were the pillar enterprises in China auto parts industry.

Over the years, Aeolus Tire has been devoting to build the Made-in-China Brand, and continuously devoting to the reform of the marketing propaganda and the promotion of the brand image. As the leader of the local Tire enterprises in China, Aeolus Tire always pays attention to the research and development of new products, and also accelerates the marketing and brand building. In the process of internationalization, Aeolus Tire adheres to the development vision of “World quality and international brand”, and practices the development concept of “Green Aeolus, to be Shared with the World”. In order to speed up the historical process of transforming China into a strong country from a large country of producing Tires, Aeolus Tire dares to shoulder its responsibility and make a difference, and is determined to produce the international high-end products on behalf of China Tire industry.

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