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Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2010-08-16


Tire Industry magazine was founded in 1981, as a monthly, under the China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association, and sponsored by the Rubber Industry's Beijing Research & Design Institute, and edited and published by the Tire Industry's editorial office.

Tire Industry is a specialized technical periodical with the largest circulation in the Chinese tire industry and mainly reports on developments, R&D in science and technology, production, and market information in the tire industry. It provides a comprehensive range of material for technicians, cadres, and workers in the tire industry, as well as teachers and students at higher learning institutions. It is also a good aid for related industries, such as tires, rubber machinery, and automobiles. English abstracts of Tire Industry are used by American Chemical Abstracts and are entered in international databases. It main covers general special topics, structural design, raw materials, formulas, processes, equipment, business administration and domestic and foreign news. It won the second prize among China's top periodicals in the petroleum and chemical industry in 2002, and first prize among top periodicals in China's petroleum and chemical industry in 2006.

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