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Carbon Black Industry
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2010-08-16

Carbon Black Industry is sponsored by the Carbon Black Research & Design Institute and is the only specialized periodical in China’s carbon black industry (including white carbon black and silica-alumina carbon black). It mainly reports on new areas of exploration, progress, and achievements in China’s carbon black industry in production, research, design, and standards, and in the fields of rubber, printing ink, dry cells, electrical carbon, electrostatic printing, wires and cables, and metallurgy. It also shows the production and applications of light-color reinforcing materials and introduces advanced technologies, development trends, and the management experience of the carbon black industry abroad and serves the technical development of China’s carbon black and related enterprises.

Carbon Black Industry is a bimonthly, privately-issued publication, with regular columns on general topics, production technology, testing standards, carbon black and rubber, carbon black not for rubber, environmental protection, management, corporate culture, information sites, foreign carbon black abstracts, and various literature.

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