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Special Purpose Rubber Products
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2010-08-16

Special Purpose Rubber Products is a major periodical of Chinese science and technology and is consulted by many abstract publications and databases. It was founded by the Northwest Rubber & Plastic Products Research Institute in 1966, with approval by the (then) China Compilation and Translation Committee.

This magazine emphasizes theory, advancement, practicability, and technicality and has become a comprehensive rubber industry magazine with a wide ranging of coverage. Because of its size, new technology, large circulation, and print, it is favored by scientific researchers and managers in the rubber and related industries, and by teachers and students at higher learning institutions. It carries high-quality papers with practical applications and voluminous great deal of advertising on new materials and equipment. It is known as “the most practical magazine” and its regular columns cover material matching, products, processes, equipment, overviews, testing, and domestic and foreign information.

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