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GRM sees great success in technological innovation
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corp Date: 2012-10-12

There was a Guangxi Commendation Meeting for Scientific and Technological Innovation for 2012 held in Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi region, on Sept 29, where it was announced that GRM was one of top five innovative enterprises in Guangxi and also the only one from the chemical industry. GRM was also one of Guangxi’s Top 100 R&D Centers and was given funds to support its science and technology. That was yet another piece of good technological innovation news for GRM, after being chosen as a state-level innovator, this past May.

In recent years, GRM has closely followed the corporation’s strategic requirements for technical support and transforming the economic development mode. It has reinforced its innovation-oriented strategy, innovation vitality, and innovative enterprise construction and has undertaken some great innovative tasks, stuck to the innovation-oriented scientific development path, and exerted its guiding role in industrial restructuring and transforming the economic development mode. By taking steps to improve the technological innovation system that it was tasked with, and market orientation and production integration, GRM explored policies and measures to support innovative enterprise development, reviewed its experience, and strove for more breakthroughs in technological innovation.

GRM had 129 patents in 2011, including nine for inventions. This year it has applied for another 23, including five for inventions and has had 25 granted, three of them for inventions. Its patent achievements have made GRM one of the subsidiaries with the most patents.

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