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Fujian Sanming Chemical Machinery gets national management award
Source: CNCE Date: 2013-11-11

A national factory affairs team has given Fujian Sanming Double-wheel Chemical Machinery an Advanced Open Democratic Management award, in recognition of its efforts to promote open management. The company has carefully followed open, democratic management policies and tried hard to make factory affairs more open for harmonious development. It paid attention to open, democratic management methods and increased training to encourage employees to take part in factory management. It also clarified the fine points of management standards for greater efficiency and followed the suggestions of employees while ensuring that that they have the right to take part in deliberations and decision-making. This allows the company to make sure that its major decisions are understood and get employee support, for a more scientific, democratic company.

The company also worked on reforms and development, purchasing methods, project bidding, and other major issues that affect employee interests and tried to draw employees’ attention to certain matters, as a benefit to both the company and its employees. These efforts have brought the company steady development, with complete support from the employees and, as a result, in recent years, Sanming Double-wheel has been rewarded, earning, for example, the national Model Employee Home award, Civilized Fujian Unit award, Advanced Party Organization award for Fujian, and Harmonious Labor Relations award for Fujian.

The photo shows Huang Jianfeng, Party secretary of the Sanming Trade Union Federation, and Li Shen’an presenting the Advanced Open Democratic Management award to Fujian Sanming Double-wheel Chemical Machinery.

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