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Xi''an Lishan’s “Assurance” Community in Fight against Epidemic
We are very relieved to have you here.
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-02-18

Although it passed through the Beginning of Spring, people in the ancient city Xi’an still feel biting cold in the northwest wind. The sweeping novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has added a touch of gray to the sky. However, Xi'an Lishan’s residential community, located at the Zaoyuan West Road, Lianhu District, is experiencing a unique kind of warmth under the shadow of the epidemic.

“Don't go out for a walk recently, Master Wang, Ensure your safety.”

“Ms. Zhang, do you have any difficulties in your recent life? Don't worry too much, you won't be afraid to do a good job in protection.”

“Don't worry, we are very relieved to have you here.”

Zhang Long is communicating with a resident by phone to understand the situation.

 Every day, apart from being busy in the community, Zhang Long and his colleagues always talk to households by telephone to grasp the situation and make a reminder of protection against the epidemic. When the epidemic hit, Zhang and his colleagues, as members of Xi'an Lishan Property Logistics Department, have undertaken the first-line task of the epidemic prevention and control in the community.

Proactively building a network for epidemic prevention and control

The Zaoyuan West Road Residential Quarter covers an area of 49,000 square meters and consists of 20 buildings, with 1,776 households and over 5,600 employees and their families. Among them, there are 2,000-plus retired employees and many non-native people, making prevention and control management extremely difficult.

The epidemic investigation point is set up at the gate of a residential quarter

During the epidemic period, to quickly put in place the prevention and control deployment of the CNCE and the community, Xi'an Lishan Logistics Management Department set up an emergency response team for epidemic prevention and control and a vanguard of Party members from Party branches of the Retiree Office and the Property Management Company and established close ties with the community to jointly build a network for the epidemic prevention and control.

They quickly went all out to devote themselves to the prevention and control investigation of the epidemic. At that time, phone calls kept popping up one after another, while WeChat prompted the sound incessantly. In 4 days, they completed the investigation of all residents, supplying accurate and complete information for the community.

Volunteers check information of entry and exit personnel

To avoid gathering, the community closed public activity places such as table tennis and the activity room for the elderly in the shortest possible time. In the cold winter wind, they held the entrance and exit of the community 24 hours a day, strictly implemented the access control regulation, measured body temperature, handled pass, and registered returning personnel from other places to prevent the import of the epidemic.

Every day, the vanguard team would disinfect each building and key area of over 3,500 square meters on time, wipe elevator rooms repeatedly with alcohol, and classify and disinfect garbage. In this way, no dead corners may be left for disinfection, which was carried out 2-3 times a day.

More efforts give everyone more peace of mind

“I've eaten almost all the vegetables I bought during the Spring Festival. Going to the supermarket for them is too dangerous.”

“Indeed, but our community is really thoughtful.”

 Not far from the newly-established vegetable stall in the residential quarter, two ladies with masks were chatting at a distance.

It turned out that with the spread of the epidemic, confirmed cases appeared one after another in the surrounding communities, further increasing the risk of being infected with the virus when shopping. To reduce the number of people going out, Zhang Long came up with a solution to bring in the vegetable stall. After many contacts, under the coordination of Zaoyuan Subdistrict, affordable fresh vegetables were able to be sold in the community by setting up stalls, thus solving the problem of buying vegetables during the epidemic prevention and control period.

 At that time, Zhang Long always believed that more efforts would give everyone more peace of mind. As the Party secretary and person-in-charge of the residential property management company, Zhang is busy wherever there are difficulties. At the beginning of the epidemic, he had a premonition that there could be a shortage of epidemic prevention materials, so he searched everywhere for manufacturers that had not yet stopped work during the holiday and bought a large amount of epidemic prevention materials such as alcohol, masks, disinfectant, and watering cans at his own expense.

Zhang Long and Wang Jin are sorting out protective materials

Zhang is not the only one who pays out of his own pocket for the community. On the eve of the Spring Festival, Wang Jin, Deputy Party Secretary of the Retiree Office, went to Japan for vacation with her husband as planned. This was her husband’s first vacation in more than a decade. On the third day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, she no longer wanted to continue her vacation and immediately left for home when she heard the news of the outbreak of the epidemic in China. Before returning home, she traveled all over supermarkets near her Japanese residence, filling up her suitcase, vacated after throwing away many things, with masks, gloves, goggles, thermometers, and disposable raincoats. After returning home, she donated all these to the community.

Community volunteers conduct disinfection and sterilization in public places

The efforts of staff members were seen in the eyes of residents. A growing number of retirees voluntarily joined the volunteer team to participate in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in the community. Some of them donated money, some goods, and some their own vitamin C tablets and nutrition products. Just as all said, everyone’s hearts were getting closer to each other in the epidemic context.

People are isolated but their hearts are getting closer

Late at night on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Zhang Long’s phone rang in a hurry. It turned out that a retired worker who had returned from Wuhan voluntarily gave the information. Already lying in bed, he immediately got up and reported the information in the shortest possible time. Then Mr. Zhang came to the house of a returning family, and asked and recorded the detailed itinerary, patiently explaining the measures to be taken for isolation at home. He promised returning households that during the isolation period, the staff would respond to any call from them.

Relevant personnel go to isolated households at home to check their information

After that, the staff took the initiative to inquiry about living needs of isolated families every day, to understand their health, and to help them clean up domestic garbage and buy daily necessities. This kind of active services has brought about the proactive coordination of isolated households.

Relevant personnel purchases daily necessities for isolated households at home

Currently, a total of 9 households comprising 20 people are under monitoring in the community, with the isolation observation progressing smoothly. As one isolated resident said, “they do their best to give a helping hand to us, and we should also proactively cooperate with them, shouldn't we?”

According to the requirements of Xi’an Emergency Response Office, residential quarters implemented grid-based management, and the prevention and control measures were put in place for every family and every resident.

“This is really a severely challenging period. Our wish is that all of 5,600-plus residents in our community will still be healthy when the epidemic recedes.” Zhang Long said.

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