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Taizhou Factory 7816 Signs Contract to Build First Batch of Fishing Boats for Sansha
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corporation Date: 2015-03-20

Taizhou Factory 7816 recently signed a contract with Hainan Provincial Government to build 4 fishing boasts for Sansha City, with a contract worth of RBM 84 million.  

The factory has been closely watching the procurement project since early 2014 and after rounds of negotiations that lasted nearly half a year, eventually won over the order. As the first batch of fishing boats since the founding of Sansha City, the boats ordered this time are technically advanced and capable of performing fishing operations in complex marine conditions in the South China Sea.

Placing an order for its first batch of fishing boats with Taizhou Factory 7816 represents the Provincial Government’s full recognition of the factory’s ship-building capability. In spite of a tight production schedule, heavy work load and high technical requirement, the factory will take this as an opportunity to comprehensively enhance its technological level and work hard to deliver qualified products on schedule.    (Weng Liming).

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