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ChemChina Trade Union Helps Child of Filial Piety
China National Chemical Equipment Corporation
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Corporation Date: 2015-03-20

In March 2014, Li Juncen, son of Li Heng and Li Yi, both being Bluestar Machinery employees, was named “Sichuan Teenager of Filial Piety” and then nominated as a candidate for the honor of “National Teenager of Filial Piety”. In August Li Juncen came to Beijing for the making of CCTV “Filial Piety” program along with other 36 candidates from across the country, and for attending the activity of selecting Top 10 filial teenagers. Stories of the child were published by this paper in the 508th issue, which immediately drew the attention of ChemChina Trade Union.

The Trade Union not only provided material assistance for Li’s family to help them overcome difficulties in life but also called on ChemChina newspapers to widely report the good deeds of the child and carry forward traditional Chinese virtues including filial piety so as to inject positive energy for the development of ChemChina enterprises. Recently, the family has received the condolence money. In return, Li Juncen wrote a letter to express heartfelt gratitude, saying he and his parents felt the warmth of the big family of ChemChina.

Ten years ago when Li Juncen was only 4 years old, his father had an accident that led to high paraplegia. Under Mother’s influence of “love”, he gradually learnt to help Mom take care of his sick father. Today, Father is already able to stand up and Juncen has been admitted to a key senior high school. (Tang Anshu).

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