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CNCE Female Employees in Action for Innovation-driven Development
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-03-07

Females are as excellent as their male peers. Guided by the thought of “science is above everything else”, females are striving to promote innovation-driven development and implement the “top 10 action plans”.

On the “Women’s Day”, they have something to say!


Xing Haina, Assistant Director, Personnel Department of China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (CNCE)

She is eager to learn, bold in speaking and always ready to do.

Keep learning and be ready to work even harder!

Zheng Xianyun, Director of the General Office of Dalian Factory No.4821

She is in charge of IT applications, reform and restructuring.

Define the key work areas, strengthen the regulation enforcement capability and fulfill all tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

Zhang Yujiao, Assistant Manager of Shijiazhuang Factory 7420

Assist the management team with a spirit of business startup

Promote the marketing work and be a learning and enterprising female

Chen Li, lathe worker of the machining workshop of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group, “Top 10 Model of Female Employee of Yiyang”

Carrying forward the craftsmanship spirit, work elaborately on every part and produce high-quality products


Wang Lingling, Assistant Director of the General Office of Huaxia Hanhua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. She has won the title “CNCE Advanced Individual” for three consecutive years 

Be a person of foresight and quicker action 

Think out of the box and do perform your duty well

Su Qun, Onsite 5S Manager of the machining workshop of Guilin Rubber Machinery, member of the labor union of CNCE and holder of the title of “Model of Women’s Contribution” 

Ensure that uniform and orderly management

Serve the frontline workers and increase the efficiency

Zhang Zhili, Business Operation Commissioner of the Business Department of Bluestar Chemical Machinery, a good learner and a passionate person 

Play the exemplary role of the CPC members, promote the e-commerce, improve the efficiency, establish a sound platform and ensure high quality 

Gu Yu, a clerk at the service hall of Hongyuan Nankou Motor Vehicle Testing Station, she is serious and responsible, and has been rated as outstanding employee for years.

Respect your occupation and job and make every customer satisfied 


Gong Yanli, Security Technology Clerk at the Science & Technology Planning Department of Shenyang Automobile Axle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., she is in charge of management of important technical materials, work hard and take responsibilities.

Come down to earth, focus on details and try to do the job well

Lin Honghong, Labor Relation Commissioner of Sanming Double-wheel Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Keep a good term with the employees, think carefully, be patient in communication and use your brains


Li Hairong, Manager of Service Department of Xi’an Lishan Automobile Factory, she is in charge of after-sales work and is well recognized by the customers 

Study hard, develop the awareness of innovation and increase the capability of innovation 

Keep customers in mind and do the best to achieve development of CNCE


Yin Wenting, Clerk of the General Office of CNCE

She is enthusiastic and careful

Come down to earth, be diligent and creative

Let’s forge ahead as one!

—————Happy Women’s Day!—————

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