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Bluestar Machinery gets intellectual property award

When the Sichuan provincial Economic & Trade Commission and the Sichuan Intellectual Property Office published their latest list of intellectual property companies, on Sept 9, Sichuan Bluestar Machinery was one of the new additions. Bluestar Machinery is the largest, most modern chemical equipment company and has been responsible for giving technology innovation awards, since 2004, to stimulate employee enthusiasm for scientific and technological inventions. In 2006, acquired a provincial enterprise technology center, and began paying closer attention to intellectual property rights, and, in 2009, was named a national high-tech company. So, it has improved its creativity and utilization, protection and management of it inventions and asked experts to help set up an intellectual property system to deal with innovation and intellectual property rights problems.

It currently has improved its intellectual property management, developed a system of rewards for scientific and technological innovations and patent applications, as well as the needed facilities and funds, and has held training sessions for employees to better manage and coordinate intellectual property work. This has helped it maintain healthy development. Thanks to its scientific and technological innovations, it has adjusted its product structure, and developed internationally advanced equipment, such as a five- tube-sheet ammonia cooler, double-pressurized nitric acid absorption tower, urea synthesizer, 300,000-ton/yr LLDPE reactor, a stainless steel spherical tank, an alloy frog core for railways, a 1.2-million-cubic-meter pulverized coal gasifier, a 1,300-ton WHG, a hydrogenation reactor, with some of these filling a supply gap in China, while promoting the use of intellectual property developments.

It has applied for 54 patents, and received 39, including seven for inventions and four for products, with the leaching ball and large oil and gas storage getting invention patents. It applied for 14 patents in relation to a WHG gasifier project, and two have received utility model patents. Its swan neck shell circumferential welding methods have passed a State Intellectual Property Office preliminary review and a urea synthesizer, alloy frog core for railways, and stainless steel spherical tank have been recognized as famous Sichuan products.

The company has completed a national 863 Program project, and 16 Sichuan science and technology program projects, as well as major equipment development, technical renovations and industrial restructuring and has helped ChemChina complete 38 science and technology projects and helped the city of Deyang with 10 science and technology projects, bringing it 7.92 million yuan in government funding. At a ChemChina patent award ceremony in March, Bluestar Machinery got an advanced patent work award in recognition of its intellectual property and intellectual property management work, which is an incentive for healthy and sustainable development.

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