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Yiyang Zhonghai Shipyard’s new operating gear

A large inland waterway dredge, the Yigongni 503, which was launched on Sept 9, uses a new steering gear that was built by the Yiyang Zhonghai Shipyard. The ship has a designed capacity of 800 tons and two sets of rotary gears for the steering mechanism. Its transmission shaft uses a Z-shaped operating control and has a vertical propeller and water discharge ducts instead of a rudder to control directions. The propeller can rotate in a 360 degree angle, which is made for optimal operations. With two main engines using a Z operating gear, the boat can easily rotate on the spot for emergencies, advance and retreat rapidly, and have horizontal movement. The gear can also deliver reverse thrust that is 85-95 percent of the forward thrust. Normal boats can usually only reach 60 percent, making this craft fit for narrow channels or other demanding situations.

The Yiyang Zhonghai Shipyard is a leader in ship production in Hunan province and the Yigongni 503 is its biggest ship of that kind, with two diesel engines, with a capacity of 296 kW and each with a 7.2-ton steering unit.

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